Cyberpunk 2077 Game Café Chip in

According to the information of our industry insider and our own investigation we learned that CD Projekt had plans to open a real Cyberpunk 2077 nighclub in Warsaw this year, including a game café, a disco with bar and shopping arcade. 

An insider spills the beans

About two weeks ago we were contacted by a person, who claimed to have insider information about a yet secret project of CD Projekt. To protect his identity we cannot give away more details about the approach or circumstantes. 

Our insider belonged to a company, which was in negotiations with CD Projekt to overtake the enterprise of a large building project after its completion. It was said to deal with a large Cyberpunk 2077 hub,  including a game café, nightclub and shopping arcade:

"We were one of many companies, which got invited to Warsaw by the end of 2019. A project was shown to us,, which is currently under construction on the property of CD Projekt. 

Under the working title 'Red Diamond Club' a large area will get developed, in which a game café, night club and some kind of market will be opened.

CD Projekt mainly consists of video game developers and some managers, but they don't have enough experience to run a nightclub or a bar and their merchandise team has just enough people to run the online store. This is where we could come into play."

Three photos were sent to Night CIty Life, each of them allegedly showing a concept art from the presentation by CD Projekt, which were secretly captured on camera.

A Disneyland for Cyberpunk 2077

According to our insider CD Projekt wanted to allow fans to meet, have fun and exchange ideas in the disco and game café. The latest merchandise items could get checked out in the arcade and people would buy souvenirs from their pilgrimage to Warsaw. Besides that the Red Diamond Club was meant to be used as an official event location for press or preview events, investor or community meetings or launch parties. 

As with the video games CD Projekt would put incredible attention to details into this project. 

"They told us that they were heavily influenced by Galaxy Edge, the Star Wars theme park in Disneyland. Whoever visits the Red Diamon Club should feel totally immersed in the game world of Cyberpunk 2077.

They will plaster every corner with poster, artworks, music and references to the lore of the RPG. Even drinks or meals fitting to the game world are already planned.

They work together with renowned cosplayers, who help them with designing outfits for the staff so the overall style remains intact. Cosplayers will also show up regularly at specific locations to take photos with the visitors.."

The Game Café "Chip in"

It looks like the game café is named "Chip in" and is one of the more quieter places to go to for roleplaying fans. Such cafés are quite common in Poland. At the counter you could have coffee, snacks and book gaming sessions for the tabletop RPG Cyberpunk Red or even Cyberpunk 2077 at custom game kiosks. 

The game stations seem to be inspired by the netrunner seats. Gamers take place on heavy recumbencies and look at the monitors hanging from the ceiling. Old school headphones are meant to be connected with large cables to underline the "connection" to the Net. CD Projekt is said to work together with Alienware, who will provide custom PCs in the looks of Cyberpunk 2077. After the grand opening these custom PCs should also be available to customers at home for purchase. We heard of rumors for such a cooperation last time back then in May 2019.

The Atlantis - Bar and Disco

We know the Atlantis as a bar decoration for the Cyberpunk 2077 booth at E3/Gamescom 2018 and for Warsaw it is meant to be build as a larger disco with a bar for about 400 guests. Our insider told us that the booth decoration was some kind of test balloon for CD Projekt Red, to see how well such an ambience would be received by the fans.

This is quite interesting since even after several of our requests at E3 or Gamescom, the developers kept mum on the Atlantis Bar. Of course, the main reason would be not to spoil the story, but maybe another reason was the ongoing construction project behind the scenes.

The name Atlantis could be associated with the famous sunken city or it's connected to a part of the Net in Cyberpunk 2020, which was located at the Atlantic Ocean and also named Atlantis.

Shopping tour through Night City


In the presentation for our insider the shopping arcade had no name yet.  At 10 market stalls in total you should be able to buy all products from the CD Projekt Red Store and they are already thinking about adding exclusives, only being available at the Red Diamond Club. CDP also told our insider that the showcased Yaiba Kusanagi can also be used as a photobooth with cosplayers. 

The Red Diamond Club will not end with Cyberpunk 2077 though. Similar to Disneyland CD Projekt is said to have plans for opening another area with its own attractions for the Witcher-universe in the longer term..

More clues

So far the whole story of our insider and the shown concept art coul be fantastic fan art or fan fiction. But are there any more clues, which support the story of our insider? 

The opening of the club should have happened shortly after the original game's release in spring 2020. Our insider does not know any further. Since the game was delayed it sounds plausible that the opening will be readied for September, even with a launch party maybe, unless the coronavirus could prevent it. A launch party was at least mentioned once by CD Projekt Red on Twitter, even though it was a joking response to a Tweet by Elon Musk: 

The end of 2019 was also the time when CD Projekt announced its acquisition the building complex Jagiellońska 74, which was right next to their HQ. Currently CD Projekt nearly owns a small village in Warsaw, as you can see in this screenshot taken from the financial report video in November 2019 (the yellow buildings are their property):

CD Projekt would have enough space to host such an area, even though everything was declared as office space.

American architecture office Franklin & Schwartz is said to have won the bid, which has opened an office in Warsaw last year and provided the concept art for the presentation. 

We took a closer look at the website of Franklin & Schwartz and searched the web for the employees. We stumbled over Anton Kowalczyk. Based on his Linkedin-account the Berkeley-graduate worked as an architect for Franklin Architects for decades and since the merger to Franklin & Schwartz he is a partner and director of architecture.

On his Instagram-Account we can see that he is currently working on a construction project in Warsaw. Interestingly some pics of his construction were taken in Praga-Polnoc - exactly the same district where the offices of CD Project are loctaded:

Two other photos by Anton are pretty exciting, when you look back at the concept art, which was given to us. Some light installments in the arcade and a neon sign with the writing  "No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside"  from the game café appear in his Instagram-feed and it looks like they made it into reality:  

It seems like Anton Kowalczyk was a guest at CD Projekt Red before the lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis and he got a little studio tour and eyes on the game.

He returned with some strange drinks, since we did not know the Soulkiller craft beer or Blackhand Whisky before. Maybe it was a greeting from the new Cyberpunk 2077 bar.. 

Via his Instagram account we got to Jolene Stevens. Because of Franklin & Schwartz she is in Warsaw, too and got this tees as a gift, which show a clear connection to the artworks:

To sum up we see the leaks by our insider as confirmed. CD Projekt did not comment on this at the moment.

Instagram - Anton Kowalczyk

Instagram - Jolene Stevens - Franklin & Schwartz Architecture