Cyber Up Your PC Interview

In the first part of our exclusive Cyber Up Your PC-interview we talked to Matin Poursadeghi. Together with Staszek Wiertelak he won the casemod contest and created the design for the winning piece. 

The global Cyberpunk 2077 community consists of incredibly talented and devoted fans. Matin Poursadeghi is one of them. The Iranian currently lives in Munich and managed to learn a complex 3D software within a very short time, to take part in the official Cyber Up Your PC casemod contest for Cyberpunk 2077 with his design.

His diligence and his bravery to stick to his ideas paid off: Together with the professional casemodder Staszek Wiertelak he won the whole contest and turned his concept into a real casemod.

In our two-part interview we introduce you to the winners in detail and offer you an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Subtitles are available for the German viewers. 

We hope you enjoy our video interview!