CD Projekt Red Community Event

The first German CD Projekt Red community event took place in Berlin last week. In our article we summarized this wonderful evening. 

The beginnings

Exchanging views about gaming strategies for Gwent, about the best NPCs in The Witcher 3 or the coolest Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 - that's possible in the official forums, on Discord or Facebook. But getting to know each other face to face and being cheek by jowl with the developers from CD Projekt Red was so far only possible sometimes at big conventions like Gamescom.

A newer concept premiered in the middle of Berlin on August 13, 2019: A joint community event for all fans of games from CD Projekt Red and in the home of CDPR Germany

On the same weekend a Quick Response Force by CDPR had infiltrated a home improvement center in Berlin City and extracted several units of pretty flowers and a little decorative fountain with the latest Cyberware and installed it on the rooftop terrace of the megacorporation. Fabian Mario Döhla, PR Manager and designated Facility Manager scrubbed the terrace to nearly full sterility, because everything had to be perfect for the guests.

Under the open sky a professional caterer prepared steaks, sausages and vegetable, while salads, dips and red berry pudding waited on the adjoining table. Everything was much better than the Kibble I was used to. They even thought about vegetarians/vegan guests. 

In the meantime a scene from the Cyberpunk 2077 E3-Trailer was re-enacted in the bathroom, where V dived into Cyberspace inside a bathtub full of ice. Since most of the research participants do not have the recommended thermal Cyberware, about 60 liters of alcohol bottles were used instead, which could get emptied during the course of the evening for further studies.

Here we go!

IMG 7994
IMG 8086
IMG 8016
IMG 8090 2
IMG 8076
IMG 8340
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Around 6 pm the time has come: More than 60 guests ringed the doorbell at the offices of CD Projekt Red, which by the way were established in a regular two-story flat. PR Manager Fabian Döhla, Community Manager Carolin Wendt, Head of Partnerships at GOG Christoph Pardey, Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Level Designer Miles Tost and Community Moderator Lotherien welcomed the guests. The German team was supported by the two Community Managers Pawel Burza and Dominika Skubida from Poland.

While the great smell of grilled meat made its way from the terrace inside the office, the guests spreaded out and took a seat on the CDPR-branded beach chairs e.g. A great mix of different people gathered in Berlin this evening from various age groups and roots. Among them were cosplayers for Witcher 3, a father with his son, as well as a gaming couple with her preferring Witcher and him being a huge Cyberpunk 2077 fan. There was even a fan from Venezuela, who currently works and lives in Berlin.  

„It was important for us to have many loyal or die-hard fans at this event, but also people, who just newly discovered our games for themselves," I was told by Carolin Wendt, who previously invited fans to this event via CDPR's forum and social media channels.

All for the gamers

IMG 7984
IMG 8081
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IMG 8342

While some fans talked shop with developer Miles Tost about Cyberpunk 2077, others could grab the controller in the living room to play e.g. Rocket League on PS4

After a lucky streak in Tower Ascension I challenged Carolin for a match, but had to realise that she not only quickly found her bearings after her start in the office since January 2019, but also allegedly mastered Tower Ascension within just one day. After facing three defeats in a row I drowned my sorrows in beer and red berry pudding. 

While my belly constantly got bigger, the pupils of the other fans dilated: CD Projekt Red came around with a huge pile of goodies. The team wrote the names of all guests on scrips and threw them into a draw pot. Under sustained applause goodies were raffled among the crowd, including t-shirts, tumblers, pin sets, and caps from games by CDPR. A very special gem was raffled at the end: The highly coveted Cyberpunk 2077 reversible jacket. which was only given out to selected members of press and industry at E3. Full of excitement, the winner started to shiver as the jacket was put around her shoulders. This was surely one of the most emotional moments during that evening. 

I took the opportunity to take a look around on the second floor. Mario Kart was played on a couch here and professional gamers of Gwent played matches against each other and offered one-on-one coachings to others, such as Christoph Pardey. The next door fans took selfies in front of wall-filling artworks of The Witcher and crossed swords in the bureau for the perfect picture.

In a CD Projekt Red Quiz you could test your knowledge to win more goodies. Carolin prepared questions on the online platform Kahoot, which were displayed on a large TV screen and everyone could join via cellphone. What was the name of V's big friend with Latin American roots, how goes that long, never-ending  royal title from The Witcher again? It was an entertaining game and well received. 


The event went on until the middle of the night and in my point of view it was a full success. CD Projekt Red put a lot of love into the organisation of this event and there was a very relaxed, joyful mood. People played, laughed and created new bonds. Since the party took place in the home of CDPR Germany it felt like visiting old friends. 

I hope we will see much more events like this in the future and I can't wait to see, what CD Projekt Red has planned for the next community meeting around Gamescom 2019